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Mise en Scène

Snapshots from Snax

Miss Adventure and Her Friends
6 March
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I am a...
aquatic biologist, drinking water specialist, environmental educator, homebrewer, dj, water operator, and aunt! Like to geek out about evolutionary biology, homebrewing, music history.

Know how to be good, but like to misbehave now and then....

I received my bachelor's degree in Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology from the University of Texas at the tender young age of 33, and have been fortunate to work and volunteer in my field.
I currently hold a Class C Surface Water license.
my myspace profile!I can often be found championing a local cause.

Owner and moderator of volunteeraustin and austinfitwomen

80's music, akira kurasawa, alamo drafthouse, ale, alfred hitchcock, amnesty international, amélie, ancient greece, aquatic entomology, asian food, asimov, austin, australian films, avocados, barfly's, beer, billie holiday, björk, books, british comedies, bruce campbell, bruno bettelheim, camping, casino el camino, cats, christopher walken, cirque du soleil, coffee, cohen brothers, cooking, cowboy boots, craft beer, dancing, dark chocolate, david bowie, david byrne, dirty vodka martinis, donnie darko, douglas adams, duran duran, elvis costello, environmentalism, eo wilson, erotica, esquivel, europe, evolution, evolutionary biology, film noir, fireworks, foodies, foreign film, france, fritz lang, gene kelly, glam rock, glassblowing, greek food, guy de maupassant, h.p. lovecraft, halloween, hiking, indian food, ingmar bergman, insects, italian food, kate bush, killing joke, king crimson, king of the hill, kurt vonnegut, laurie anderson, lovejoys, magritte, margaret atwood, margaritas, methemoglobinemia, metropolis, mexico, middle eastern food, miles davis, monty python, movies, music, nancy drew, neil gaiman, nikola tesla, nuclear tacos, nusrat fateh ali khan, organic food, parliament-funkadelic, pasta, pbs, peppers, peter gabriel, peter sellers, philip k. dick, phillip glass, phylogenesis, pinky and the brain, polyphonic spree, princess bride, queen, radiohead, reading, rem, richard feynman, rockabilly, sailing, science, science fiction, sensuality, sergio leone, sexuality, short stories, sisters of mercy, ska, skiing, snow cones, snowboarding, south by southwest, spaghetti westerns, spalding gray, stephen jay gould, super 8, sushi, swimming, sxsw, systematics, tao te ching, taxonomy, terry gilliam, the damned, the little prince, thelonious monk, thrift stores, thunderstorms, travel, ultravox, umberto eco, vargas, vindaloo, vintage pin-ups, vinyl records, wine, wonder woman