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New York City Recap, Part 1

Upon my arrival at the Newark airport I was greeted by signs with several nicknames (including the unmentionable) and then escorted by my old high school sweetheart and dear friend, Steve Capo, to the Barcade in Williamsburg. I enjoyed a UFO Hefeweizen while we awaited drfardook's arrival. Josh lives mere blocks away from this fun bar, and passed muster with Steve quickly enough. We dropped my bags off to the apartment and then proceeded to the Alligator Grill for beer and FREE pizza. Finished up the night with tasty mojitos at the Lucky Cat, razorart's cool bar.

Afternoon at the Met, for several hours until the museum fatigue set in. I thoroughly enjoyed The Perfect Medium: Photography and the Occult, since I had just been telling Joaquin about mediums and the vital forces, including ectoplasm coming from orifices...I think it was during a discussion on allergies, pink eye, and phlegm! The special exhibit on Prague was incredible, I couldn't believe all the inlay, jewels, and gold! Being a Dragon myself, it was hard to resist the dragon icon notecards and bookmark. My vacation impulse shopping was cut short by budget constraints and the knowledge I could always buy it later through the internet!!

Later we attended a show at the New York Butoh Festival (ooh, look at the lovely website Josh put together!). Unfortunately we were too late to get seats together, but it was enjoyable albeit quite different. Followed that up with Japanese noodles for dinner, and then to a small bar for gypsy music and dancing.

Observations: I was overwhelmed by the number of Ipods on people on the subways and sidewalks, and impressed by the number of languages I heard on the streets. One second it was French, followed by Japanese. Pollution was even harder on my "new" eyes than pollen and mold here, and I noticed many people with red, bloodshot eyes - and I'm NOT talking about drunks either!

To be continued...
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