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Got Morningwood?

Getting geared up this week for staying up late in NYC by seeing a few New York bands. I had a fabulous time on Wednesday night at the Morningwood and Gang of Four show at Emo's. I met up with Matthew, Adrienne, and a few other folks to see the show, and we were right up at the stage during MW. As expected, Matthew was the boytoy whose clothes were almost completely removed during "Take Off Your Clothes". I was WAAAY to close to Chantal and knew they were working on me as the victim, so I watched the set list and moved away from the stage at the beginning of TOYC.
Too damn crowded once Gang of Four hit the stage, so we hung out by the merch booth as Chantal hocked her wares. She's a hoot, everything's about "You know what's sexy?". Her observation of why dogs asses are sexy was quite amusing. I still wound up being victimized by her, as she tried to feed me drink tickets all night, and wouldn't let me go home at the end. I got her back, with some incriminating photos in the bathroom at 2:30 am. Suffice to say I was using the only clean and functional toilet, and she opted for the trashcan...Photos will be released upon her approval!! *EDIT* uh, photos have been banned due to the pics being too revealing, sorry!

We tried to meet up with the Gang for an afterparty, but finally headed to the Hilton. It was cool to see a raw edit of their new video for "Nth Degree", and I was laughing my butt off at some of the scenes in it. Hope the song does well locally, since 101X FINALLY picked it up for rotation. It's a fun poppy dance song, very tongue in cheek.

Of course, I had to get a shirt for the pure conversation element. Chantal tried to get me to buy the smallest, but made a compromise and I bought one size smaller than I normally would have...

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