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Get your Mojo workin'!

Yes, I would like to place an order for one biggie size serving this morning for Sunshine. Her eye surgery is at 10 am, and the doctor is going to finalize whether a corneal transplant will be helpful. The next two weeks will be a hard recovery for her......She called me at 1 am last night, and her dad had just replaced her A/C. Necessity for her bedroom/recovery room!

And if you have a little to spare, I will take a kiddie size for 4 pm today. I have been informed to expect about 200 folks at the conference today. It will be the largest group so far that I will have to talk in front of. I almost wish I was doing my "Health Effects of Nitrates", because typically my level of understanding is much higher than the target audience. Today though, involves a rule I know backwards and forward, but this particular area is VERY fuzzily written, so there's a lot of room for interpretation. Luckily since it's at the end of the day, maybe everyone will be too tired to argue.....

I think tonight should be spent away from the computer and couch, and relaxing with friends!
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