Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

What I've been doing over the past weeks: Part 1

I have been volunteering during the night as a IRC channel operator/moderator and an administrator for NOLA-Intel, a community-editable website(wiki), which grew out of the NOLA survival livejournal blog at http://mgno.com . The NOLA-Intel wiki was setup to factor the tons of random bits of information flowing out of New Orleans in totally disorganized chunks, and being repeated around the Internet in various forms. Most of our work is focused on transcription of scanner feeds and maintaining IRC channels for discussion. One of my major priorities as an individual is damage control:
1) In the #interdictor-chat channel
-minimize incorrect/alarmist information by directing people to credible sources, including Center for Disease Control website.
2) In the staff channels
-help monitor operators schedules in order to to minimize the impact on their mental, emotional, and physical well-being. I have already observed some staff suffering from disaster burnout.
3) On the NOLA-Intel and NOLA-admin wikis
- added content, including warning for fraudalent relief emails and websites, and health and wellness for victims and relief providers.

It is best to view http://mgno.com by beginning at the very first entry (ie, hit previous entries at the bottom of the page until you get to Aug 28th). I wouldn't advise bothering to look at too many of the comments, by now there are probably over 35,000. The blog (web log) has been featured in national and international news, including CNN. Four of the five original team members were relieved on Wednesday, and the team is exempt from the mandatory evacuation because they are now considered to be part of the recovery efforts. My understanding is that team members were last working get City Hall set up with a wireless internet access point.

Sig Solares can be seen here with the military personnel who interrupted an interview that Donny and several of us were conducting with Wikinews (no idea if it's published).
Tags: interdictor, irc, katrina, volunteerism
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