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Too much loss

I cry...

for the little boy whose dog was taken away. So distraught he vomited.

"It's just a dog" some people say, but it's more than that...it's what a little boy holds onto, his security blanket, when he's confused and frightened.

Imagine for a moment being that boy-

in a place full of chaos and death, that was supposed to be a shelter from a storm. For days, with little food or water- remember, everyone was told to bring their own- the darkness, confusion. People hurt and dying, pregnant women going into labor, with no medical assistance, the overpowering stench from human waste...flood waters nearby, a roof, damaged and leaking. Assaults and rapes...Not even the departure is uneventful- a sniper shooting at the helicopters trying to deliver food...

To have a police officer take your dog away from you...and being powerless. Your home is gone, and now this.

I know, what choice was there? Dogs aren't allowed on the bus, stay behind and risk his life? Ridiculous, we adults say.

But just imagine, for one moment, you are that child...would you be able to get over it, even if you were reunited with your dog? You tell yourself you would, but unless you've lived those days and nights, you'll never know...

One story out of countless, many untold.

I cry for all of them...



Sep. 8th, 2005 01:35 pm (UTC)
scenes like this will prompt the ASPCA and other animal interest groups to create lobbies that make abandoning pets and other domesticated animals during disasters a form of animal cruelty, punishable by law. At least there are rescue groups out there trying hard to save whatever pets they can. Ten years ago I doubt that would have happened. You did not hear about any animal rescue groups trying to save any during the San Franciso earthquake of '89 for example. It's all about awareness.