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Not such an irc newbie anymore....

snaxxy: you know you've been in irc too long if...

[01:24] pinkish: you hump your keyboard?
[01:24] snaxx: 10) you can't understand why tab autocomplete doesn't work, and realize you are in your web browser
[01:25] pinkish: hee
[01:25] snaxxy: 9) you try to look up a name in your cell phonebook, and when you get to the F's for Fogel, you expect to see Fuel3
[01:25] pinkish: hehe
[01:26] michaelloftis: :D
[01:26] michaelloftis: snaxxy luffs me and my bot eheheh
[01:26] pinkish: 8) You wonder why highlighting doesn't automatically copy text and realize it's not IRC. Or is that just me?
[01:27] snaxxy: 7) you share story to the channel of a flame war you are observing,
and the fact you are about to kick some arse, and two admins ask "what nick? what channel?"
[01:27] snaxxy: even though you have told them several times you are in a BAR!
[01:27] michaellofti: hahahaha
[01:27] michaelloftis: :P
[01:27] snaxxy: heehee
[01:27] michaelloftis: flame war in a bar :P
[01:27] * michaelloftis swats
[01:27] * snaxxy ducks
[01:27] snaxxy: and it's a MISS!
[01:28] pinkish: 6) You post a chat log in your blog and instantly get 12 PMs asking
"do geek fights really turn you on?"
[01:28] snaxxy: SWING, batta batta
[01:28] pinkish: Which is true
[01:28] pinkish: cuz it happened
[01:28] * snaxxy falls off chair
[01:28] michaelloftis: pinkish: you seriously posted that?
[01:28] * snaxxy pees pants laughing
[01:31] snaxxy: 5) you know you've been iirc too long, if you don't play your itunes
because you won't hear the audio signal of a PM or flamewar in another channel.

[01:45] snaxxy: #1 should be...you know you've been in iirc around mathx too long, if you decide to put the top ten list on the admin wiki!!
[01:45] pinkish: hehehe
[01:47] snaxxy: #4 you know you have been iirc too long if half of a men's rugby team with British muscles sit at your bartable, and you look away from channel just long enough to say hello...and go back iirc.
[01:48] pinkish: hee
[01:48] pinkish: mmm rugby players
[01:48] snaxxy: #3 you know...when you almost strangle your drunk best friend with your laptop powercord because he laughs a la Seymour style when you don't notice you picked a faulty outlet to plug your laptop into, so your laptop shuts down...and you cry out b/c you hadn't logged channels!
[02:05] snaxxy: #2 you know.....when you reference events or things by a URL, instead of it's name - ie, sxsw.com instead
of South by Southwest 2005
Tags: geek, humor, interdictor, irc, katrina
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