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Yahoo! You're all clear, kid. Now let's blow this thing and go home!"

We had our first meeting today with our new division director. After speaking about his visions and goals for the division, he revealed the new reorg charts. Things are shaken up a bit, but I am sure we will deal with it. My team is still the same for the most part. However,we have three valuable people who will be retiring within the next few months, who have a wealth of knowledge about our program.
One of the topics our director brought up was Passion vs. obsession in a nutshell
Getting too focused on an issue, to the point of losing sight of the rest of the picture. Debilitating.

Very interesting, and I found myself slipping into the second state this afternoon. I am trying to implement directed assistance to systems in order to help them address critical drinking water quality issues, and keep the EPA from taking action against these folks.

I started stressing, because due to the change in management (chain of command is the buzz word of the month) I was informed that I would have to receive approval from higher up before the Assistance Program could proceed. Mind you, this is voluntary assistance, paid for by EPA grants. No cost to the systems or the citizens of Texas.

My section manager sent an email to my team leader, stating that he wanted to discuss this issue. She and I were prepared to plead our case, 'cause the old dogs have been discouraging. Turned out ALL he wanted was an update, and stated he was 100% behind my actions, and appreciated my initiative!

What a relief, and what a valuable benefit to the systems and the communities they serve. WOOHOO!

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