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Sunshine joined Gold's Gym, so we have been going to the Body Pump classes three times a week for four weeks now. I can definitely notice improvements, both by changes in my body and the ability to lift more weight!

The mojo ossuarian sent to Sunshine must have some powerful effects. Granted, I think she's gorgeous, and a real catch, but man!

One of my friends took a real shine to her Tuesday night, and he's already called her up for a date. I approve- D.'s the kind of guy who has no problem making you laugh, and laughing at himself. He is also a big movie and music fan like us, so they should get along fabulously.

Then yesterday as we were leaving the gym, Sunshine made the comment "Boys don't know how to do lunges". A very attractive guy who was passing by and responded, "YES, we do!". He made her show him her technique, right there in the parking lot. She proudly showed him that she could do lunges, and he approved. Turns out that he is a new manager at our gym. He laughingly told her that he could tell she was a troublemaker, and he'd be watching her!

All this after I noticed her turning heads of fourteen year old boys at the mall last weekend, she's certainly on this week! It's all good, and she deserves it.
It was a sobering and frightening thought back in January when I realized that she could lose more than her eye. I was supposed to help her mother out after her second surgery, but the pain was so unbearable she didn't eat for three days, so her mother was afraid to leave her side for even a moment. She finally had to go to the emergency room and was placed on morphine. Thankfully, the doctors finally found a more effective pain medication.

I hope next week's surgery doesn't knock her off her feet like the last one did.....



Aug. 14th, 2003 11:07 am (UTC)
I haven't seen the movie since it came out, but the name was a giveaway. I imagine the line was said by Dione.

I didn't mean to send Sunshine sexiness mojo. I may have mispacked my mojos. I'll have to write tquid and ask him if his retina feels particularly good lately.
Aug. 14th, 2003 11:44 am (UTC)
Re: Clueless
You got it! Both quotes were from it.

I'm sure Sunshine doesn't mind the misdirected mojo, and she's fun to watch when she gets flirty. She also thought it had to do with her weekly horoscope (Libra):

"It looks like fun all the way, as far as you are concerned this week. Your social diary will be packed with exciting and extravagant options for fun and laughter. Three of the more beneficial planets continue to move through Leo, which means that you can entertain and be entertained. You can sit at the head of committees or just spend time out and about enjoying yourself. Perhaps a conversation proves too wonderful to keep to just one occasion."