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Last night, Sunshine and I grabbed a pint at the B-Side, even though it was a school night. Trying to keep her distracted from next week's surgery. What an understatement, considering how the night unfolded.

I hadn't been there in a couple of months, and I was glad to say hello to Rob in the main bar. He is so clean-shaven now that filming of "the Alamo" is done! Sunshine didn't recognize him without the long hair, and full beard, which is funny because the first time I saw him he was bald in "Master of the Game".

Fairly quiet when we went into the B-Side, but was pretty crowded by 11 pm.
What's that term we learned at the Ranch Studios party?
Oh, yeah, it was a "sausage fest". We were cornered for most of the time by two guys. Unfortunately, we weren't able to give each other signals to escape, being the non-game playing BGGWs that we are - Sunshine didn't realize that one of the guys, Jethro, had been a temp who was involved in the big mess at work a few weeks back. He was standing way too close to the both of us, and his cigarette smoke was stifling. I was quite uncomfortable.

Sunshine seemed fine with the conversation for most of the time, with the exception of some tasteless space shuttle jokes Jethro insisted on telling us. Until Jethro attempted to poke her in the forehead, and came too close to her injured right eye. That was the final straw.
Even after that, he asked us for our phone numbers, and where we lived!
Mind you, this is the same guy who had been sending unsolicited emails to a female coworker/friend of mine at work, and had inappropriately spoken to and touched me on a previous occasion at a non-work event.

I was finally able to tell Sunshine after we were able to get away to the other bar. She was so freaked out (C.J., you know ALL of the dirt!) that she had nightmares last night, about him stalking her and trying to get into her house. We talked about it today, and she started scaring me as well. He knows my full name, but not hers.

We should have gotten out of the situation sooner, but we had staked our claim on some barstools at the quiet end of the bar, and were hoping he would move on. Later on we saw some male friends in the main bar, and they weren't happy to hear what we had been dealing with. Not a typical incident on Hippie Night, at least not amongst our group of friends and acquaintances....lesson learned!



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Aug. 14th, 2003 08:08 am (UTC)
Sounds Awful
It's amazing how stupid and unobservant some men can be.

Have you picked up my habit of movie quotes? If so, I didn't catch what this one was.
Aug. 14th, 2003 08:47 am (UTC)
Re: Sounds Awful
Yes, and that one is particularly fitting for the occasion. Had we done so, we could have possibly avoided the situation.
I have another one to use from the same movie, which I think you've seen...the first one isn't googleable, but the next one should be.
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