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Delicious Dreams

Very unexpected, but not unwelcome. I had a delicious dream about someone I know from my musician friends. I first met T last year at the Hole in the Wall at a Moonlight Towers show. I thought he was cute, and later spoke with him at an afterhours party. He was incredibly drunk, with a biting, cynical humor. Not the most charming fellow, and although I was mildly attracted I was more turned off. I would see him out and about, but he wasn't all that receptive.

Eventually I found out that he was recently divorced, and at a pretty low spot. I didn't see him out much after that, until one night at the Hole in the Wall. Turned out he had quit drinking, and had also lost a lot of weight. He looked great, and I think I saw a genuine smile on his face for the first time while I was talking to him that night. When I spoke to him again in late February, he had gone back to drinking but was very controlled about it. He's definitely got the determination to moderate his drinking, and I haven't seen him drunk since last year. His smile is so disarming, and he's finally let his guard down with me. He loves to catch me doing goofy things, and playfully teases me. The last time I saw him at the Hole I playfully ruffled his silky hair while we hugged- something I NEVER would have imagined doing a year ago. A fun push of the boundaries which he seems fine with. I don't know whether there's any dating potential for us, but I am glad that he's definitely in a much better place in his life, and is treating those around him much better....

So on to the dream...A bunch of us had been to Twin Falls, swimming and drinking, and had gone back to stay at a friend's house. T and I were laying in bed together, spooning, and he was gently caressing me. I could feel his warm breath on my neck, and his hands were gentle but firm on my breasts. We were fully clothed, but a friend who was in a bed across from us made a disgruntled comment. I could tell he was jealous, and I thought, "Why? You had a chance years ago, but didn't take it?". In response, T said, "Hmmm....I guess I could take some of my clothes off if that's alright with you" and he stripped down to his red and white striped boxers. And then.....

You guessed it!! I woke up! ARGGH!
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