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What's with the Munchkins?

Here's an update on the BGGW Play Day and what caused it from C.J.'s perspective. She lives within walking distance of our work campus.

excuse me..they are called little people these days...I've recently returned from the Land of Oz where they too have embraced political correctness...

The electricity returned around noon today. I was beginning to think the incessant beeping of the transformers was a crude psychological experiment.

Soon after I finished my dinner, a storm warning appeared on the television, the weatherman said I'm getting a lot of telephone calls about hail and high winds in the 60 mph range in North Austin and with that statement transmitted, the electricity cut off.

Thank you for the ample warning.

I heard hail bouncing off my windows. I thought I'd video tape the hail, so I took my video camera and stepped out onto my patio for what purpose? Perhaps to add to my stimulating collection of home movies on the weather -hahaha.

After standing out on my patio for a minute or so, it suddenly became very foggy, the torrential rain was coming in from every direction, the windows started rattling, so I thought I should at least put my bird in the closet in case the windows blew out. I never felt in danger, just seemed like a really bad thunderstorm.

-it was over, in about 5 minutes.

I went outside, joined some colleagues (we live and work at the same places..how sad) and we proceeded to check out the damage.

My friend D. is a meteorologist. Two things he requested I not mention to others: A) he is a meteorologist and B) he hid out in his bathtub throughout the storm - hahaha.

So far I've told everyone I know that the meteorologist hid in the bathtub - pass it on...

All of the people in D.'s building were hiding in closets, apparently the windows and the building itself was shaking terribly, not like my little safe apartment.

At first we were amused that the pool was full of tables and chairs, then noticed ½ ft diameter tree limbs laying in the road.

I found a wounded dove, its eyes were swollen and it was bloodied, so I wrapped it in my raincoat and brought it home to keep it dry and warm.

I found my friend H. exclaiming I'm lucky to be alive!


In my opinion, although H. is smart, and in general a nice fellow he is, in my book, a complete weenie. I tend to avoid H's company because he brings me down, he whines constantly about everything imaginable, so when he said he was lucky to be alive, I dismissed the statement completely.
Indeed, he might just have been lucky he was out running when the storm blew in.

We walked around the campus we work on. That's when I realized we'd had a little tornado, or at least, shearing winds. Oak trees, 3 foot in diameter, were laying on their sides, uprooted. We found the highway near us congested and realized why we didn't have electricity, an 18 wheeler was on its side, tangled in our power lines.

Coming back to the apartments, we met up with more coworkers, they had huge smiles on their faces as they had decided it was party time.

Indeed it was.

We lit candles, fished the furniture from the pool and shared our assorted alcoholic beverages we had a good time, telling jokes, watching the neighborhood get electricity back and enjoying the fact that we were still
in the dark. A guy brought out his stash of Cuban cigars and handed them out to everyone. I had a Nicaraguan, though, I was told I'd like the sweet flavor better.

In the early hours of the morning, I laid down to go to bed but couldn't sleep - the beeping of the transformer was a poor brand of white noise, so instead I listened to some Frank Sinatra on my walkman until I thought I was
drowsy enough to ignore the beeping.

I woke up this morning with the worst taste in my mouth. Ew. Cigars are nasty - hahaha. Not my first Cigar and certainly not my last, I usually enjoy them with a certain group of college mates I only see once a year (uh...that
would be specifically Meiling, Julie and Clint :) ). I don't really know how to smoke a cigar, I generally burn it like a torch - it seems to keep mosquitos away that way as well.

I had a tiny hangover today, but it was worth the fun last night, I sat through one meeting and then they released us for the day, we lost electricity at work. I'm disappointed really, this week was suppose to be productive.

My neighbor set the dove free! I left the little guy on my patio with the door to the cage open, so it could take off when it felt better. My neighbor's ridiculous car alarm woke it up and freaked it out, but it was nice to see it fly away. I hope it makes it.

I guess I'll put my ruby slippers back in the closet, they hurt my feet and don't match my outfit!

Yours Truly,

Offices reopened today, but I wasn't able to work at all this morning because we were finally being updated to Windows 2000 and the new Corel products. The IR guys were amused and entertained by my new Rush CD...I did manage to clean my cube and take care of some paperwork.
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