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Someone I am familiar hosts the Austin Poetry Slam at Ego's every Wednesday, so I checked out the site. It's been years since I've gone to a poetry reading or slam, but I had forgotten how powerful some of these words can be.

Just reading this piece by Ragan Fox was powerful- it made me cry, because it reminded me of a guy I worked with at Astroworld back in the '80s. Paul worked on my Attractions crew in Nottingham Village, and we had to wear the dorkiest costume. We had a lot of fun, and Paul was always happy and enthusiastic. I lost touch with him after I left College Station in 1985, and was shocked to hear in 1991 of the tragic story of his death. A brutal beating resulting in his death, on a street where I had walked countless nights to Lola's to drink or to one of the gay bars to dance with friends. Sad that this kind and wonderful person never made it past his 27th year, as a result of a senseless and inhumane act by several people.
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