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I am TUF!

Back to work after a four day hiatus, and find out I have been appointed by my Deputy Director to a focus group. HB3442 reduced human resources staff by 8 people which resulted in development of a disparity between customer expectations and actual delivery of training services. As a result, there are only a handful of staff responsible for the training of 2000+ agency staff. The Training Unit Functions (TUF) focus group will provide a connection between the remaining Training Unit and Offices.

Come to find out from the other office representative that the preferred members were division directors or section managers. Apparently I've proven myself enough with our Deputy Director, to represent our Office. A bit overwhelming, but glad to know he has confidence in me. That and the fact I chair his Technical Training Subcommittee and serve as the state representative to the EPA's Drinking Water Academy doesn't hurt.

On another work-related note:

Family Escapes House After Water Tank Gives
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