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Two turntables and a Mr. Microphone

I made a major investment this week- I bought two pro turntables off a good friend who is upgrading, and he helped me buy a dj mixer and headphones at Guitar Center. I haven't played around with my new toys as much as I would have expected, because I've also been feeding a new addiction- decibel45 set up my new computer and downloaded iTunes. On top of that, nugget clued me in on Audioscrobbler, so I've been geeking out even more!

The purchases were prompted by a friend asking me if she could pay me to play at her birthday party tonight. I've been wanting to buy some good direct drive turntables for many years, and my vinyl collection is NOT going anywhere. Which reminds me:
My ex-boyfriend had built a shelf for me seven years ago to hold my microwave and assorted kitchenware since the storage space is limited here. When I moved back into the complex in 2002, I bought a new microwave cart with shelves, so the shelf he built now holds most of my vinyl collection. When he stopped by for the first time in years, his eyes got REALLY big- "I didn't build the shelf for that LOAD!!", he exclaimed.

Sheesh, 8:15 pm and I haven't broken down and loaded my gear, or sorted my records. Time to get a move on! Luckily, my friend Edie is a karaoke dj and she loaned me her powered speakers which are already loaded in the vehicle. I've seen a lot of her lately, since one of the guys I am dating presently is a karaoke junkie- and a damn good singer and performer. Any man who can sing and dance like both Bono and Prince in the same night makes me smile! We got a lot of compliments on our performances on Thursday night, which was cool- although he upstaged me on our duet of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". :)

Oh- so if you want to stop by the party, I'll be spinning from 10-2ish.
2011 Garden St- Cesar Chavez east to Chicon, right on Chicon, left on Garden St.
Birthday party for Carrie, evening bartender at the Dog n'Duck- she said invite my friends!
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