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First Iron Chick Swim Session- 9 weeks until the Danskin!

Made it through with only one brief anxiety attack, a quart of poolwater in one gulp, one leg cramp, and lots of goggle failure but all in all, a good swim session. Even though I probably outweigh most of the women by 20 lbs, I was NOT the slowest or last. In fact, the coach gave us a little "pool etiquette" talk because I slowed down rather than pass a lanemate. I like the coaching style of the coaches- my previous coach was a real hardass. the correct etiqutte is to pass, or even to tap their feet to signal. She was going rather slow, and I literally stopped a couple times to give her more space. I mentioned today about how when we swam our fifty, I was 6 seconds slower on the second round. When i had a little anxiety, i slowed my pace to regain composure,which is important in the Danskin when you are in the middle of the lake.
Today I was focusing on the possibility of popping out of my swimsuit- that's what happens when the suit is comfortable dry, it's loose in the water- too much drag.

And then there is bumper's suggestion-
On SWAT swim days it's that attempted drowning thing. Makes everyone get a better workout. You should suggest it. Or just implement!
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