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Water, Water

Been in Galveston for the last few days for Texas Water 2005 Conference. Presentations went well, although we were caught off-guard with one or two questions. I am not so familiar with the rules, or the presentation that Alicia had created. It was an awkward moment until Marlo and I figured out what Alicia had meant by her statements. It was odd to get a lot of positive feedback on the presentation, because I did not feel confident about it. However, I was happy to hear one colleague tell me that my presentation on Nitrification in Chloraminating Systems was the best paper he had seen so far- that's kudos I am more than happy to accept! If I had been able to give that presentation first, I would have felt more comfortable with Alicia's talk. Oh, well!

Today is a bit of an easy day, since I get to attend other people's presentations. Then it's off to the Awards Ceremony to receive an Education award from the American Water Works Association for our Sept 2003 teleconference. Just found out we also received one for the December 2004 conference as well. That's great justification for our big bosses who complained about the two days five of us spent away from the office in the ACC studios- for a presentation to 1000 folks throughout the US.

Had some nice downtime this morning on the beach, nice to walk and collect shells. Too much human interaction over the last few days, needed some time to myself.

Home soon, miss my kitties....
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