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What a strange week for phone calls. I had a drunk dialer last night. Wasn't even a "bad boyfriend" call, but rather from someone I've been acquainted with for ten years. We knew each other from KVRX, UT's college radio station. We run into each other at music shows all the time. There seemed to be a little chemistry last year, and I gave him my phone number which he put into his cell phone....and then never heard from him.

I hadn't really thought much about it for sometime, even when I see him out. Last night....

Woken from a deep sleep, I stared in confusion at a number I didn't recognize, with no concept of what time it was. I answered it, thinking it was an emergency.

3:15 am
Mr. "White": "Hey, this is ****, what are you doing?"
Me: "Sleeping"
Mr. "White": *pauses*...Oh
Me: Who is this again? Where are you?"
Mr. "White": This is ****, I've been out on Red River. I was calling to see if you would come keep me company.
Me: *laughs* Yeah, right, I don't think so. What time is it? 2:30?
Mr. "White": Uh, yeah. Can you come over?
Me: Uh, NO! I have to be at work. Why don't you call me later, and we'll get a drink sometime?
Mr. "White": Okay, I'll call you. Sorry I woke you.

4:45 am - woken again by phone, too asleep to notice same number.
Mr. "White": This is ****. I was calling to see if you would come keep me company.
Me: *boggles*Dude, when I said call me later, I didn't mean this MORNING! I have to be at work in 3 hours.
Mr. "White":That's enough time, sure you don't want directions?
Me: Uh...NOO! I'll talk to you later!
Mr. "White":Okay, I'll call you soon.

I am SO calling that guy's ass this morning and waking him up with an ass-chewing! Why was I being so nice in the middle of the night?
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