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What's that loud sucking noise?

It's the sound of consumerism, trying to pry open my wallet! Or maybe I am just a sucker for music from my junior high days.

Cassie and I went to Best Buy, so she could check out the TVs. I told her to check her electric outlet BEFORE she buys a new TV, plus she didn't know the measurements of her entertainment center.

Next thing I know, I hear a new track from Cheap Trick. Oh, have to buy the new one!! Look, a bonus DVD. I think that is how they hook those of us who still have vinyl, because I also bought the new Rush - "Greatest Hits 1974-1987 The Spirit of Radio", with a limited edition DVD.

Has Cheap Trick really made 22 albums, and do I actually own them all? They put on a rockin' performance at Emo's back in early February. It was the first show I had seen there since Handsome Joel's death two weeks prior, and the first big show Bill had to stage manage after taking over H.J.'s responsibilities. Joel would have loved it, and been rockin' out. All the members of Cheap Trick signed one of the Limited Edition Emo's posters to be auctioned off for the benefit for H.J. Very nice!

Wow! I remember seeing C.T. on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert back in 1977, performing "Elo Kiddies" and "He's A Whore". Rick Nielsen was the gawkiest, freakiest rocker I had ever seen, and Robin Zander was mesmerizing. I was strangely hooked - that same episode had The Babys - "Isn't It Time".

I had an opportunity to see the Babys in concert in 1978, and they were opening for Alice Cooper (From the Inside). However, my aunt told my mom Alice Cooper bit the heads off small animals (that was Ozzy!) and it was a school night, so I didn't get to go. That would have been a first concert to be proud of!

Okay, so I limited myself to two CDs. Would have been more if I had been able to reach someone by phone to google a song for me.........
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