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Just Two Wild and Crazy Gals

I just received what shall now be known as a "bad boyfriend" call, which some of you may be familiar with. You know what I am talking about girls-
"I was thinking about you, and realized "what did I do?" You were a source of stability in my life, and I took it for granted. You are a wonderful, sweet, funny...I don't deserve you in my life"

And so on...only this time it wasn't the usual suspects- It was my GIRLFRIEND Angela, who I haven't heard from in over two years! She told me "I am just like those ungrateful boyfriends we've had- you were so sweet to put up with my whining and no-shows".

Yes, there was one night during SXSW a few years ago where she and Lisa kept me waiting at home for hours, when we supposed to go out. Turns out they were busy partying with the boys where they were staying. I've learned since then to do my own thing, and anyone who wants to join me had better be ready to keep up, or at least be at the right place at the right time.

It's always been easy to forgive Angela. I don't have pity, but rather sympathy for her daily struggles. I am amazed that she is still alive- I've lost count of how many times she has had cancer, and the last time the doctors didn't think that she was going to make it.

She has had a tough life- she lost her leg to cancer when she was about 12 yrs old, double masectomy at 28 yrs of age, and the last and worst bout was when she was 39. All the radiation had weakened her bones, and her arm broke while she was walking with her crutches. She left Austin and has been living on her parents ranch in Buffalo, Texas, for the last couple of years, recuperating. Angela's condition is also the strongest argument I can offer for medicinal mj. Without her smoke, she wouldn't have made it through the chemotherapy due to the nausea and lack of appetite.

It was a pleasant surprise to hear her voice after all this time. I worry that I'll never hear from her again, that she won't win another fight. She's a strong woman, in mind and spirit. I remember how horrified someone was when I asked for their defective windup Godzilla, with only one leg. "It's for a friend, she only has one leg as well". I gave that toy to Angela, and she loved it! She could get us into screenings before everyone else, or at least get in first to save us seats. She said that considering all the challenges she's had to face getting around, she'd better get to take advantage of her disability once in awhile.

As luck would have it, I am meeting some of the girls at the pub for a pint, so Angela will be able to join us before she heads out of town tomorrow. What a pleasant surprise!
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