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It Has Begun: SXSW 2005

Wild night, and I got an added bonus of assisting Harry Dean Stanton and Seymour Cassel at the Paramount. So two guys had me rolling. Tense moment when Harry Dean walked into the Paramount, with a lit cigarette. I was signalled by the house manager to ask him to put it out, but luckily one of the Paramount ushers took the fall and directed him. Don't be fooled by those little old ladies, they are some of the toughest folks around!

Of what I saw of the movie, it was quite good. One scene with Owen Wilson was just so WRONG, it was hysterical and a few of us laughed for several minutes. I really liked one heartstring line in particular. Something to the effect of:
"I used to think marriage was about finding the right thing, but now I know it's about searching together" Wendell Baker
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