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Good Guys Steal IDs

This event took place last Friday. The teams involved turned up enough> information to perform all kinds of identity theft with little effort.

Just be careful who you give your information to, and never EVER reply to an email asking you to login to a page for a bank/business even if you have an account there. It's best to exit your email and go to the bank/business's webpage without clicking the link in the email.

My white hat friend came in 4th place at this event. His team turned up over 25,000 SSN's and credit card numbers, as well as checkbook ledgers, network diagrams, encryption keys and username/passwords.


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Mar. 9th, 2005 06:11 am (UTC)
And yet despite all this, it's still not possible to do something as simple as get a video store membership without being asked for your social security number. Everyone wants it -- the gas company, the grocery store, your lawn guy... It's ridiculous.

And try not giving it out sometime -- you'll get treated like a deadbeat and suffer endless grief and resistance.
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