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Sorry CJ, Loss for Words?

Who, me? Never!

So many things going on, both good and bad. Spent a lot of time this weekend with family, which is always good but can be stressful. Had a great time with my second cousins, especially the 13 and 14 yr olds. Jessica and Crystal are very well-mannered and good-natured, and they are so much alike you would think they were twins. They were so quiet for the first couple of hours, I was worried they wouldn't open up to me. It had been about four years since I saw them last, so I am not surprised. And then there is Hope who is 7 yrs old, and definitely the baby of the family. She can hold her own with her sisters for the most part.

I took off Friday and took the girls along with Sydney to the Austin Nature and Science Center on Friday morning, then to Elsi's (set a personal record by eating there three days in a row!) for lunch, followed by swimming at my pool, and then the Congress Ave bat viewing. Poor Hope got sick at the restaurant, but luckily I got her out of the dining room in time - not so lucky for me, I was contaminated by her. Short-lived case of "Captain Trips" is going around, but not nearly as bad as the SXSW 2003 pathogen. I have yet to make it through a SXSW week without getting hoarse or sick. It has to be coming in contact with so many people from all over, and not getting much sleep.

Which reminds me- I seriously don't know how several of us didn't wind up in the hospital with pneumonia in March. I heard of two friends of friends who were hospitalized. I was unaware that I actually had bronchitis for the first time. My doctor who NEVER gives me drugs gave me the most potent antibiotics I've ever had in my life, because he was concerned my condition could worsen.

I was more worried at the time about Mikey and Josh. They had several performances, and Josh had already managed to talk himself hoarse at my birthday blowout. I think we were all bedridden for at least one full day during SXSWeek. Mikey had a kidney transplant almost two years ago, and any illness is magnified in him. Luckily, his Philly doctor set him up with special meds, and was back on his feet in no time.

what else? Let's see, Sophia has surgery on her eye one week from tomorrow, to remove some of the scar tissue and stitches from her eye. The doctor thinks it is a moot point to do a corneal transplant. She's trying to stay calm, but I know this week will be hard for her. Send some good mojo her way.
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