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After two long years of waiting, "justice" has been served. Thomas Wandersee was remanded to the court. He will serve 13 years for intoxication manslaughter with a deadly weapon. He was allowed to speak today to the family for the first time. Very emotional for all, and first time I had seen him express any emotion. I feel bad for his two sons, but perhaps he can understand a little of what the loss to Joel's family. Joel's mom spoke, a very long elocution, and the judge let all 15 of us who were there to support her stand up with Lance Farley as he spoke.
The judge asked if anyone wanted to speak, and for once I had no words. Kat and Lance said it all...and I felt numb. We filed back to our seats, and when I turned around Wandersee was gone.
As luck would have it, I saw a HCO friend in court- I forgot that she was a writer for the Statesman, and she had stumbled across the proceedings. I made certain to introduce her to the family and also the board members of the Handsome Joel Foundation. KXAN was also there, and he interviewed the board members as well. I hope that the word gets out.
Now I need to head over to Stubb's, where family and friends of HJ are gathering...
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