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Josh's Travelogue

Since Josh has limited knowledge (sorry, hon!) and access to the computer, I will continue to post his travel highlights for friends to view.

things are great here i am back in johanasburg, south africa. just got back
from kruger national park. on the way saw some amazing landscapes and
villages. all the huge valleys and gods window was great. saw heaps of
giraffe, elephants, kudu, impala, some rhino, lions, buffalo, wilda beast,
hyenas, wild dogs, jackels and tons of other great critters. had hyeneas
circle the camp ground all night long wiht lions roaring off in the
distance. even had a honey badger break in and get into the trash cans.
camped out the whole time.
even though joburg is dangerous. africa is really great and everyone is
really nice. no language barriers yet. i am off to swaziland in the morning
and then off to mozambique. after that back to south africa and down the
coast to cape town. seeing lesotho on the way. then to namibia, botswana and
tanzania to victoria falls. oh and yes i plan on doing the worlds biggest
bungy jump in the world in cape town. i will try my hand at some surfing on
the coast in jefferys bay and other hot spots. enjoying not working agian.
but this backpacking gig is a full time job in its self. i have been doing 5
am wake ups for the past week. sight seeing all day and keeping busy doing
things and trying to plan ahead to keep the ball rolling. all the time
trying to stay on my strict budget and still not miss out on anything. but
food is cheap hear and accomadation is pretty cheap when you camp out at the
hostels instead of using the dorms. transportation is fairly cheap but its
big place this africa.

well take care and i will fill you in on all the details along the way. and
tell you all about everything in great detail when i get home....


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