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The End of a Long and Painful Road?

The last few weeks have been stressful- January 27th marked the two year anniversary of Handsome Joel's death, and the trial for the drunk driver who killed him FINALLY began yesterday. I was interviewed this week by Raul Gonzalez, District Attorney for Travis County, as a potential witness in the punishment phase of the trial. It was pretty much a done deal for the intoxication manslaughter charge, so what was really up in the air was what the punishment would be.

Checked my email just now, and had this message yesterday from Joel's mom:

Mr. Wandersee has agreed to a plea bargain. He will be sentenced to 13 years with a deadly weapon charge which means that he will be required to serve at least half of that time. No early release or probation before at least 6 1/2 years. He will appear before the judge in the morning to officially accept the plea and plead guilty then the judge will give him two weeks to get his affairs in order before appearing to to start serving his time.

He accepted the guilty plea today, and we have another chance to see Wandersee in court and this time it will be when he is taken into custody. At the sentencing Katherine and family will be able to address Wandersee directly. If the judge permits, we may be able to have a friend of HJ (Lance graciously voluteered) speak on our behalf and be able to play a song from the HJ Tribute CD.

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