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Josh's Travelogue

well i am in zululand. the coast of south africa. st lucia. off to durban in
a few hours but going to the beach first. the weather is not that great. so
i will try my luck else where. hitched a ride from swaziland with a german
couple and will cruize with them again today.
swaziland was great friendly people. camped out there everynight.stayed at a
hostel with natve swazi running it. even learned a few words in swaswati. i
did not camp out last night because i am right near an estuary and there are
hippos. they kill more people then all the other african animals combined. i
did not think my tent could fend off a hippo. so i stayed at a hostel. even
saw a hippo last night on a night drive i did. there big and cute. its hard
to imagine this herbivore ripping humans into many many pieces. but they do
and i am not going to be a statistic. been taking in lots of cultural dances
with half naked natives jumpin around and others beating on huge drums. its
great. the food is fabulous. really cheap. its nice to have food that tastes
again. sorry folks but the food in the UK and Ireland sucks. and it is no
secret. they openly admit it. been taking an obscene amount of pictures so
one day i will get them developed. and bore you all!!!! well take care and i
will let you in on other things as they happen.


josh"The ZULU-MAN" matthews
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