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What a Week...

Got home from work on Monday to discover some anxiously awaited online goodies had arrived a few days early- woohoo! Managed to make it to the Hill Country Outdoors event leader meeting, participated in some very lively discussion, and ate delicious pasta. Wrapped up in time to meet Amy from Independence Brewing Co. at the Ginger Man. Saw one of my beer "idols", Bobo from Manneken-Brussel Imports. Texas has Bobo to thank for bringing in Chimay White on draft, as well as the delicious Schneider Weisse. His annual Belgian beer tastings at the Ginger Man are infamous, and I won't even bother driving downtown for the event- I know I'm cabbing it home regardless!

Bobo was entertaining a crew of MBI salesmen, but I was able to talk up the Independence Day Party at Amy and Rob's brewery, and the Texas Craft Brewers Festival. Turns out there might be an international beer festival in the works- I'll keep everyone posted for sure!

Headed out to the beer garden, to find Eric Roach hosting the monthly beer tasting for a small group. Amy had arranged a podcasting event through sparkcard.com, and so we sat down for a beer and some juicy discussion that will later be posted on the web. Our topic was "Who makes the best lover?" Speaking points suggested included older, younger, virginal...Hilarity ensued, especially with the free Independence Pale Ale we were drinking. I gave my warning of a young man boasting on being trained in the skills of Kama Sutra, and being disappointed.

Luckily we wrapped up just as Jacques arrived to meet me for the late screening of Spike and Mike's Twisted Animations. The shorts were okay, but past years have been better. Since my car was parked in front of the GMan, I suggested we pop back in after the movie to see if Amy was still there. Sure enough, she was holding court in the beer garden with several guys, including an Australian traveler fresh off a train from Miami. For the first time in the three years of known both Jacques and Amy, they saw me lose my temper. Two of the guys from the beertasting were still there, scamming free beers off Amy and insulting the Aussie by relentlessly going on about Crocodile Dundee and other stereotypes. One of them came very close to getting his butt kicked, but instead was dared to eat a one inch ribbon of Vegemite- Yuck!! I finally started yelling at him when he tried to tell the Australian guy to lighten up, that he hadn't done anything wrong....so I let him have it! He just didn't get it, and obviously hadn't travelled internationally. Ugh....enough said.
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