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Letter to a Long Distance LJ Friend

Dear Kris,

For what it's worth- I think you are cool, and quite diverse!!

It's wickedly funny how different we are in some ways- you are the most GOTH person I know and like :P
Hey, but I LOVE the Damned and Siouxsie, so I'm not hopeless! Wish you could be here for one of my "spins", when I usually start out with Killing Joke "Living in the Eighties". Can't forget Ultravox "Vienna" and Duran Duran (who I am going to see in a couple of weeks- now who's the freak!) Although maybe you're the bigger freak, buying that Ozone CD......you go where I fear to tread! .

Mai-ia-ha ha

Oh, sorry, where was I?

We are quite alike in our love of the outdoors, and I miss your bird pictures, especially when you finally captured the elusive male. I enjoyed the recent pics of lovely snow-covered trees, but the snow skeleton Marge was a hoot . I also enjoy hearing about your weekend trips, and imagine in my head what New England must be like- never been myself...

Let's see- we're both chronically late, and I have also had to deal with the CATPOOP on my SHOE issue while trying to leave for work. Don't they know that's what the litterbox is for? Did that turd coming flying out of the cat's ass so fast it couldn't be contained in that small space?

Your m_t_ms totally rock, and I saw the one I gave to Hilary while at her apartment last night. Her MTM sits on her bed along with a stuffed cat that looks strangely similar to MTM, as if they were siblings separated as infants...

I suspect we agree that the best holiday is Halloween, which INCLUDES Dia De Los Muertes.

I like how you're a die-hard Northerner, with no complaints about the snow or cold or dirty mush I imagine. Being a Texan makes it easy to romanticize snow, as long as we don't have to DRIVE in it!!

Glad to know you can enjoy the same "simple and silly" things in life we do! Just sad that we're so far away. Thanks for letting me get to know you anyway!

Give Edwin a big old squeeze for me!!

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