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tinywarrior's rant about lacyunderall's "taking one for the gals" certainly stirred up things around lj, but this entry of Cate's may just slashdot Livejournal. I am most amazed by the number of people from the childfree who have left courteous comments in Cate's entry about her son. I know several people who have switched over to the much "kinder and gentler" childfree_zone, so it is good to see the respect given to Cate's issue. She deserves it- she is an incredible woman.

Cate has an incredible power with words, and often makes me laugh and cry. I can't remember how I came to know her through lj, but I've enjoyed the other people I've connected to through her journal-
tsarina, drfardook, beatnikside, and now lacyunderall and subsequently drunken_macgee.

I am glad Cate reminded me that we need to meet in person, now that she is back in her beloved Texas. I promise to do so very soon!
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