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I was just woken from a deep sleep by my alarm going off, with the most piercing sound I've ever heard. Confused when it wouldn't stop, after pushing the snooze button several times.

Finally realized that it was the bedroom smoke detector. I had fallen asleep several hours ago (subsequently missing dinner!) with some candles burning. The smoke was just enough to set off the detector- good to know it works! By the time I climbed onto a desk to reset/disable the alarm, it stopped.

Oh, well, I need to be up early anyway. Have to be in College Stagnation and securely entrenched in Aggieland before 10 am.

*looks at clock*

Whisky Tango Foxtrot. It's only 1 am!

Hello, Front Desk? I'd like a 6am wakeup call, please!

*crawls back in bed*