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Final straw

Cancelled my account on a certain "space" after a very short and disgusting visit. Within the first week I was solicited for a porn chatroom, by some guy who appears to be quite successful at procuring women to pose/webcam. No thanks, I'm a one woman for one man show!

Then several boys half my age, and finally an email from this young boy:

About me:
I am 15 but dont worry i am an expert in the art of karma sutra (the chinc art of love making) i like hunting i like drinking beer with my cat friends. Sometimes when i am sad i sing songs from the lion king to cheer me up! i am from texas and you know everything is bigger in texas! including weiners!! i dont have too many friends that are humans most are from the animal kingdom so this is why i am putting my profile out so i can meet some humans

In his pics he looks to be a Southern Rebel Nazi skinhead. I thought it was a prank, but he's linked to several other young boys. Even more frightening, some of their 'friends' include men over 3 times their age. Pedophile heaven.

Friendster may be stagnating, and break now and again, but not nearly as bad.
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