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Keeping it Cool

I have the privilege of meeting and interacting with quite a few famous folks during SXSW, but usually refrain from my having my picture taken with them. In my position, I have to help maintain their space and safety, and keep the crowds at bay. I was glad that another friend had camera in hand this night! Saw him at the SXSW volunteer call yesterday, and after giving him my email address he sent me this picture.

I was thrilled to assist one of my favorite directors, Jim Jarmusch, at the exclusive world premiere of "Coffee and Cigarettes"- the studio hadn't even seen it yet!

Too bad I didn't have photos taken with Jonathan Demme and Ron Mann. When I met Jonathan, I couldn't help but blurt out, "I'm a fan of your work!!" to which he replied, "I am a fan of yours as well!". Ron gave me a big hug and a kiss for being so helpful to him during the film festival, even though I didn't realize who he was. I could've kicked myself when I figured out later he was the director responsible for Go Further, with Woody Harrelson. That movie was fantastic, but put me off cow's milk for a solid six months!!
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