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Josh's Travelogue

On the Walkabout
well one more week of work then im off. up to the highlands of scotland to
solve this loch ness monster thing then over to ireland to see if the
guiness really does taste better there than every where else. then on the 22
of july i fly out to south africa. johanasburg. to truck around the wild
terrain of the african continent for several months. south africa, lesotho,
swaziland, zulu land, botswana, kenya, tanzania, malawi, mozambique, and as
many other countries i can fit into. then fly from kenya to eqypt and trck
up to romania through turkey to go camp out at draculas castle for
halloween. after that its just zig-zaggin around europe playing working and
livin'. by then i will be broke and it will be winter and can maybe work in
the snow some where like france or switzerland. well one more week of bieng
a slave and one more session of shots and i am off. these shots are cheap
you know. getting pretty much all of them. even rabies!!!! well take care
and i will let you know how things are going. just keep in touch and we will
see each other again sometime soon.


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