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Hole in our hearts

I saw Dianna tonight, another one of HJ's Ladies, and our conversation drifted to Handsome Joel. Dianna was wearing her "I <3 HJ" button, and she laughed when I told her someone asked me if that meant, "I love hand jobs!". Joel would have thought that hysterical. As Dianna recounted her last encounter with Joel at the Tattoo Convention two years ago, we were both alarmed to realize the anniversary of his death is in two weeks. She told me about a dream she had about Joel, that was both funny and sad. We couldn't help but cry on one another's shoulders, for a dear lost friend.

I told her how difficult it was for me to deal with the loss for many months. I had to step back from volunteering with the Handsome Joel Foundation because I could no longer handle the emotional and mental drain. I still try to stay involved with the trial, especially because it has been such an emotional strain on his mother and brothers. The latest news is that the trial has been scheduled for the second week of February, with preferential status. The pretrial and hearings were postponed so many times, I have to wonder if the trial will take place as scheduled.
The district attorney seems to believe that there will be no question of whether Wandersee will be found guilty of intoxication manslaughter, but rather the main focus will be what sentence he will receive. He sent a letter to Joel's mom in hopes of a plea bargain, saying he was sorry but that his going to jail wouldn't bring Joel back...She was insulted, and angry. We remain determined to see this to the end.
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