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Four words you don't want to see first thing in the morning on your PC

Primary master disk fail

Great- all my Nature Scientists and Sierra Cubs Camp curriculum were on my C drive, along with a lot of my pictures. Luckily I had a lot of pictures on the D drive, so maybe some are salvageable. Thank goodness I hadn't downloaded the last month's worth because I was afraid this might happen, and a lot of the ones on the C drive had been edited and uploaded to my gallery. Unfortunately, I should have updated my beerwomen website weeks ago. Now I won't be able to access putty for awhile.

Now what to do? Use the IBook to handle my needs, buy a new Dell PC through our employee program, or fix the old one?Thankfully I have the option of plenty of people to help.

*eyes IRC channel*

glad I don't have to depend on my brother inlaw to fix it. Last time he didn't get it back to me for months, and even then he didn't think to put any virus protection on it!
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