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Feels so bad, yet so good!

I thought with the term "beginner" in the title, it wouldn't be too bad. But as decibel45pointed out, it still has the words BOOT CAMP in it!! I certainly did not expect one of our instructors to actually be a Marine! Last night was the first session of Runtex'sBeginner Boot Camp. As decibel45 pointed out, it could be BABY Boot Camp and it would STILL be a boot camp!!

We started out with a warmup lap around Auditorium shores- advanced beginners were to start out with a light run, and beginners were to start out by walking, then break into a light jog and alternate with walking. Key was to be able to maintain a comfortable pace, at which you could hold a conversation with another person. I started out running with the advanced, wasn't too bad, but then realized that I was pushing myself a bit. I decided to slow down the pace- good thing, because as I approached the finish line the coaches were breaking us into two groups, and I narrowly missed joining the advanced runners. Good thing- for the next half-hour we went through different stations, which included pushups, crunches, jumping and star jumps, and flutter kicks, with deep lunge walks between stations. Holy Toledo!

Then we switched with the other group who were inside the Annex. There we met another coach who took us through some more stations, but these were more flexibility and dexterity. One footed lean and touch, crunches on a fitness ball, pass the medicine ball, and a Hula Hoop amongst other things. Not as brutal, and even fun!

I was so exhausted, but somehow managed to pick up some dinner and head over to the Cowhaus for some Star Trek: TNG . Had a hard time getting up this morning, sore and congested. Time for bed, because tomorrow's a full day, including 2nd Boot Camp session....

Jane, Get me off this crazy thing!
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