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The Dating Dance

Okay, gals (and guys), I promised to divulge my experience and observations of online dating, but first I thought that this was a very interesting article regarding dating. I typically take these articles with a grain of salt, but I really think the author hit the mark on this one!

Maybe lolliejean will share some of her love mojo!

Good Stuff or No Go?

It's your first date, maybe your second, and the person across the dinner table from you is drop-dead gorgeous (and that's about all you know at this point). But if it's lasting love you're looking for, handsome is as handsome does. Here, some sneaky ways to figure out if your new partner has potential.

Pet-Ownership. A great date will have a dog (or a cat), or a nephew they're nuts for...even a plant will do. A person who can get up and feed something every day is not one afraid of commitment. You want to know this new honey can nurture and be there for something day in and day out.

Sense of humor. If you're not having fun, what's the point? Studies show laughter can diffuse tension and keep problems in perspective. If you and your new honey can't share a few laughs together, it's unlikely you'll share more than a date or two.

A good resume. No, we don't mean a great career. A partner with potential has a history of relationships that last longer than a playoff season, can talk about past relationships without sounding resentful, and has learned something in the process.

Passion. Not just the between-the-sheets kind, but the kind that makes him or her really excited about something in life. Whether its rock-climbing, volunteerism or music, a passionate person will really add something to your life..and your bedroom.

Curiosity. A great date won't be content to just tell you about their lives, but express a genuine interest in learning about what makes you tick. Just like a great relationship won't happen unless your partner wants to know your thoughts and ideas.

Sexual attraction. The way he or she looks, smells, talks, smiles...something - or everything - about this person should give you a little zing! of sexual excitement. Sex is the physical affirmation of love and if the chemistry's not there, all the potential in the world won't make up for it.

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