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Deep sea fishing, anyone?

One of my poker buddies is setting up a trip out of Port Aransas, and out on the boat Sunday, October 26th, travel back on Monday, October 27th.

it costs a lil more per person because only Sunday was available so we need more people to make it normal price. The good thing is instead of 2 or 1.5 vac days, you will only need one. The boat leaves Sunday morning Oct. 26th., you could drive Friday night fish, surf, walk the beach, go on the gambling boat on Saturday, we fish on Sunday and you have a recoup, and travel Monday. -- I have already reserved this boat and have my name on the list for Fridays that become available. I need to know who is still interested in going this year. It breaks down like this:

> 15 people is $173 a head (normal for last year)
> 16 people is $163 a head
> 17 people is $153 this is about where we want it
> 18 people is $144 18 and more and it starts to get crowded
> What sucks is on the Sunday we have to have the 15 or it goes up
> substantially per person as you can tell. On the Friday the most wed pay
> is 170 if lots of folks backed out. For a Sunday trip we'd have to have
> some pretty definite answers.

> SO - please let me know if you would be interested in going for sure, how
> much the max you’d want to spend is, and whether or not the 1.5 to 2 days
> of vacation thurs/fri is more favorable or the 1 day off on monday. Of
> course if you are a hardcore fisherman like me, you really don’t care.
> Right now i just want to see if its even worth trying to collect money. So
> please give me your status and preference, and I'll be calling you if i
> dont hear from you in a weeks time.

Let me know if you're interested, he'll be trying to get half up front in the next couple of weeks and then the rest closer to the trip.
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