Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

"I Feel....Bet-ter"

Jenn's Bday bowling event turned out alright. She got quite lit, as all birthday guests of honor should! Managed to get over my foul mood and be sociable. The glowing balls were quite a treat. decibel45 and Jenn tried a few times to sneak up and throw balls down someone else's lanes. Deci even got a talking to from the Rent-A-Cop™ - Don't EVEN try to pin that one on me, if you hadn't of been misbehaving in the FIRST place!!
Ribbons were awarded for- best effort, spirit (yay, Snowflake!), most improved, and high score trophy went to ghewgill, aka Flyboy.

On a side note- couple of cute guys were in the lane next to us. At the end of the night, the cutest (and youngest) was staring at me nonstop. He stood there, mesmerized (and prolly a little drunk) and eavesdropping. I finally turned and directed a question to him. He was like a deer in the headlights, a little stunned that I was addressing him...leaving me pleasantly amused, and in higher spirits!

After bowling, we went to the Poodle Dog Lounge for last call, followed by a wrestling match at my apartment with my drunk sister. Brat- the bruises haven't faded yet.
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