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Jane, get me off this crazy thing! Part One

What a roller coaster day! I woke up with puffy eyes from crying over HJ last night, and not getting enough sleep.
Managed to make it to work on time, but today the karmic dog of computers bit me in the ass butt rump

all words I'm not allowed to say at work, or the Burp Police will rat me out. He didn't think it was very funny when I said, " I just got a butt load of emails". BP exclaimed, "DEBra!".

To which I responded, "Sorry, a ROSEANNE BARR butt load, there must have been over twenty emails in under 90 seconds!"

Turns out the temp who was 'relieved of duty' the other day was using a 733Mhz, and I was shown as having a 400 Mhz, so I was told my computer would FINALLY be switched after a year of my boss trying to get me a better one through trickledown. Turns out I really had a 600 Mhz, but who am I to complain? Maybe this one won't crash twice a day, and will be on speaking terms with the local printer.

My email account was also messed up, so I spent the morning with one IR support trying to fix it, and then lunch and the afternoon was occupied by two other IR guys switching the boxes and reimaging.
Good thing I worked through lunch, because my greatest fear materialized and brought the day to a screeching halt.

I made the mistake of telling one of the IR guys that I never save anything on my C drive, only on the network drives. So he did not back it up....
unbeknownst to me, my Groupwise email had been mapped to save my email archive to the wrong drive in a folder on my C drive. By the time he had the new machine up and running, and I noticed my archived email missing, it was too late.

He had already reimaged my old computer.
A year's worth of the emails that I felt were the most important to save.


"Wait! Our section manager just warned us at a meeting that all of our emails were subject to being reviewed, and are subject to the Open Records Act, even if they've been deleted! Isn't there some far off planet in the Groupwise Galaxy, that records all of the signals from our government communications?"

Let's just say I have now confirmed there is an urban legend in our office.....anybody know a good hacker, I mean, data retrieval person?
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