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Weekend's Over, time to crank it up!

I think I need to try making a list before the weekend starts, so I can be a little more productive- seemed to help last weekend. Felt a little down on Friday, and so I missed the benefit for HJ's Safe Driver Program. Actually, I just really haven't been in the mood to go downtown to a smoky, loud club. I would have gone to see the Moonlight Towers last night at the Parish, but I wasn't feeling well. Good thing- I don't know if it was food poisoning, but I wound up tossing my cookies...glad I was home.
Spent most of the weekend watching movies, went to the lake Saturday for a few hours with Linda and the family, and Sophia. I did manage to run some errands Sunday afternoon, although my trips to two Half-Priced Books to pick up "Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafasi was unsuccessful. Should have bought it last week when I saw it!

1) Looks like I might wind up with a 23 ft sailboat for free! I will have to pay for dry docking it (Sophia and Connie might help!), and hopefully can do my own repairs with friends. The boat doesn't appear to have tags, so I'll have to file for an abandoned vehicle/boat. I will be sure to stop by the Austin Sailing Society on Tuesday to recruit some help to assess the condition, and maybe even help fix it up...

2) Bought a ticket to see Neil and Tim Finn at Stubb's this Wednesday, woohoo! I need to find out if I can still get a ticket to see Siouxsie Sioux in September.

3) Received a book in the mail as a RABCK- Random Act of Book Crossing Kindness- Anne Sexton: A Self-Portrait in Letters. It was double-wrapped, and the inner wrapping paper was a colored map. The sender, Chella, included a lovely note written on a postcard which featured a tintype photo of George Eliot.

The week ahead-
Can't go tubing with the Cowhaus posse on Monday. The boss gets back from a two week vacation, and the Public Drinking Water Forum is Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a presentation to give for the Enforcement Division on Tuesday afternoon, and still need to finalize it and prepare handouts for 120 people. Wednesday morning I will be giving a presentation on "Chloramination and Nitrification in the Distribution System" to my largest audience ever- 400 folks signed up so far!! Luckily, I have given this presentation once before, so hopefully I won't be as nervous as I was the first time round. Plus it's better than having to brief the new Executive Director of TCEQ on the rule package I've been working on. Our division director gets that 'honor', thankfully....

I will DEFINITELY be in the mood to go to First Thursday. I am out of the wonderful handmade soap I bought last month, and this time I'll be prepared with a six-pack to share! Then there is Jenn's tubing trip on Saturday....
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