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Quiz- you know you want to!

Do you think you can read my mind? - From Go-Quiz.com
About this Friend....Guess who?
most likely to be published
most likely to indulge in chocolate cake
most likely to be trying a new recipe this week
#2 slacker
most likely to be hit on by boys half her age!
easy - #1 slacker
least (yet most) likely to take pics of cute animals
most likely to talk about cars
most likely to be caught bludgeoning a Bush supporter
least likely to buy free trade coffee from Wheatsville
least likely to be found at a Bush rally, unless it's to take pics
most likely not to see "New York Minute"
most likely to post same news items as dbaker
most likely to meet a celebrity this week
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Jul. 31st, 2004 06:15 pm (UTC)
I got 4 out of 14 right, ugh.

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