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My addiction

It has resurfaced.

I can manage to control it for some time, but when I need a fix, look out! I have an insatiable appetite, and it often seems worst during the summer months. Is it years of conditioning from my childhood and teen years, when I had the long summer months to fill the need?

I am talking about books.

Some of you may have suspected it, those of you who have seen the shelves in my apartment filled to the brim. Some of you may even understand, but there are those that don't. Sophia tried to help me organize many of my books this weekend- they had become disorganized after the purchase of several matching shelves.

"You've read this book? Then get rid of it!"

The first couple of times she said that, I made a feeble excuse. Then, no more!

My voice grew strong-
"I've read that book 2 or 3 times, and plan to read it again!"
"Ive started that book, and will finish it eventually!", and
"Have YOU read this book?! Well, you SHOULD!!"

My friends know me well, but can never know me completely. As much as I love movies, it is books that fill me with the most wondrous visual imagery. I want to see characters with my mind's eye, not the predisposition of some Hollywood assignment. Although my chin was firmly planted on my chest during the opening moments of Something Wicked This Way Comes, as the town and characters came to life as I had envisioned them. Thankfully, Ray Bradbury was able to retain control of his tale.

As can be expected, I have books of naturalist essays and natural history, along with nature field guides. What many people don't know is I first went to school at Texas A&M, where as a General Studies major I was able to explore my interests in psychology, anthropology/archaelogy, journalism, and film. Forget Freud- I was fascinated by Carl Jung's archetypes of a collective unconscious and Bruno Bettelheim's explanation of fairy tales in "The Uses of Enchantment". This later may have lent itself to my appreciation of both Peter Gabriel's music- I speak in pictures, not in words- and Ann Sexton's raw and powerful poetry.

A wonderful class on the history of film opened up an incredible world to me, as I learned of the works and techniques of masters such as Sergei Eisenstein, Fritz Lang, and Erich von Stroheim, and Akira Kurosawa. Many years later I still have a copy of "A History of Narrative Film" by David A. Cook, a comprehensive book used for that class.

My books reflect my many interests as such, and I love the opportunity the UT Book Press sales afford me with access to a multitude of topics, including film, archaelogy, naturalist histories...

Be it known that my book collection will never be static, and now I am on a new adventure with my Bookcrossing shelf, now in its infancy. It is exciting, to know that I have sent some books on their way, and others are traveling to me from other states and countries as I write!

Funny how it reminds me of how when I was nine years old, I labelled my books in order to loan them out to friends from my own personal library...
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