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I was curious as to what is defined as a "filthy book " by choke66.

It made me think of a book I found once when I had to take timeout in my parents' bathroom.

Back when we were still given a choice between a timeout or a spanking. Before my mom decided she didn't need an excuse to hit us. Thinking I should have taken the spanking over the timeout that seemed like hours, it may have been.

I had to stand on the toilet to reach the windowsill, not tall enough to see outside to pass the time. I couldn't have been over 9 yrs old at the time, because I only remember Crystal, and I don't think Morgan had been born yet.

It was an old dime store paperback, no pictures, not particularly interesting at first. After enough timeouts, I began reading it to pass the time. I don't recall what the plot was (or if there even was one).

The main things I do remember was:
ONE: the handyman seduced a mild-mannered housewife
TWO: the housewife being convinced by the handyman to attend a swingers party, where SHE was the main attraction, along with some animal, maybe a large black dog.

I was confused more than anything else. What's a swinger?
I wasn't old enough to comprehend sex, and that parts of people's bodies can fit like a puzzle.
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