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400 lb gorilla

He was on my back today-
making me nervous, and doubting myself.
you're out of shape, you haven't trained enough, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?

I've done it once, why not a second time?

I sat through a presentation by Sally Edwards, official spokesman for the Danskin Series (this is her 90th Danskin) and the introduction of the Team Survivor. Sally is always motivational, and she talked about throwing that monkey off. She named all the fears we all face. Sally always says, getting to the finish line is easy, it's getting to the starting line that is hard.
Many of us cried, as a cancer survivor and ten year veteran of Team Survivor spoke. "I've stood on the edge of the abyss, and Team Survivor helped me make the journey back".

As we were leaving the tent, I saw a visibly nervous woman, a member of Team Survivor with a "1" on her shirt.
"First time, huh?" I asked.
"Yes", she responded.
I gave her a hug, and told her that she would do great. And with that I realized how lucky I am to face something as 'easy' as this triathlon, after meeting one of many women who have overcome the overwhelming challenges of cancer, and are participating tomorrow.
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