Miss Adventure and Her Friends (snaxxx) wrote,
Miss Adventure and Her Friends

Off again!

So Josh Matthews (aka Josh #1, or Joshie) is on the move again- he has been on one of his infamous walkabouts for the last ten months. I wish he would sign up for lj, but it's hard enough getting one email out of him. Looks like he's on his way to Africa finally.

well in about 7 hours I will be on that big jet airliner catapulted through
the skies. this time again to the southern hemisphere. AFRICA!!! I will fly
11 hours to Johannesburg, south Africa. my ultimate test as a traveler
leaving all valuables in London at a friends flat. I only have 15 liters of
possessions plus my bed roll(tent, sleeping bag, sleeping liner, thermarest
and a coat) all rolled into a unbelievable small roll. I will go through
south Africa, Swaziland, Zulu land, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania,
Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, maybe Madagascar, rhawanda and a few others. then
on up to egypt. not sure how i am getting there just yet i need to skip a
few contries in between there and kenya for safty reasons. i have all my
shots and malaria tablets. things will be great i am going to take tons and
tons of photos. and possibly start a journal. seeing as up till now it is
all in my head. been saving up for a while for this and mentally preparing
for a really long time.

after egypt i will make my way up to central romania for a camping session
at draculas castle for halloween. then scoot around europe till i run out
of money again. then i will work my tail off again somewhere. this time
somewhere with great weather and beaches(no offence to scotland).

i will email when i can and try and send a post card or 2 when i get to it.

love always


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