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Website is up and runnin'

Austin Women's Beer League is finally up, thanks to decibel45. I need to finish up the content for some of the pages, so I can link from the homepage soon. More importantly, I need to set up some events. Probably would be best to wait until after the Danskin Triathlon. I should really be training for that instead of drinking beer on a regular basis!

We do have an open water swim practice this Saturday, and then another next week at Decker Lake, which is the actual course location. I am not too worried about the cycle route, except that CJ has yet to train on her bike. Hopefully we can get a group to try out the bike course soon. Supposedly it is the most difficult course in the Danskin series. I am grateful that Kim and Rick, co-captains of the Hill Country Flyers, took me out on the course last year prior to the event.

I wanted to go on an evening walk with Rice, but I have to get up too early to be out late tonight. Don't be fooled by his "hippie" look- I call him my Exercise Nazi, because he won't let me stop to pet a cat or sit down on the enticing porchswing hanging from a tree along our 3.5 mile route. Brat.
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