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Spectacular Morning, Good Day in All!

The MAILBOX that I ignore, because it usually is all junk mail. This morning was different-

-A Belated Birthday Card from Tiffany and Wade, all the way from Seattle.
The message?
friendship is when people know all about you, but like you anyway
along with a dragonfly glider.
Also a personal note "say hello to Sabrina (but not Delilah)" funny story about that!.

-An order form from the House of Webster- it's Strawberry Time in the Ozarks! New Crop Strawberry Preserves will be ripe this week, and blending starts in a few weeks. That will make a great Father's Day present for Dad.

And the biggest surprise in the mail:
-Frequency, the new Active Radio CD, due out on May 25th. I received one early, along with a thanks to 'Snax' in the liner notes! It was an honor to contribute money towards the recording, because I've known Aaron and Glenn for ten years. They are great people, and very talented musicians.

*shameless plug*
I hope their CD release party next Friday at the Back Room
goes well- Only $1 cover, and a free CD!

Rest of the day has been good. Had to miss the Girlstart end of the year party, due to my IWSCOT presentation, but the presentation was definitely a success in my opinion. I had asked to speak on what I felt were critical issues for some water systems, and hit the mark! Turns out there were systems not meeting some new requirements, but now they know what they need to do after today. Glad I was able to enlighten a few folks and keep them out of trouble! My co-presenter from another team was grateful I was there, because he realized that he was not familiar enough with my team's programs. Good to be appreciated!
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