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Small headache from too much brewski at the Draught House last night. The guys all threw in the towel early, leaving their wives behind for me to drink with!

Just who are these New Viking Women? Amy, co-owner of Texas Independence Brewing Company and one of the organizer of the Texas Brewers Festival, and Theresa, wife of Charles from Austin Homebrew Supply. We had a great time, talking about beer styles. I am really excited about having them involved with my fledgling organization, Austin Women's Beer League. Website is almost up, thanks to my wonderful friend and brew partner, decibel45.

It is amazing how even these knowledgeable and talented women are prone to let the men have more of the "limelight" when it comes to talking about beer. Which is what has driven me to create a true Women's Beer League. I want women not to be intimidated- to be comfortable in a forum of women who want to learn more and share about good brews, and even brew!
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